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Monday, 30 March 2009

Lasarus Taxon - The New Sea dominates all

The feared consequences of global warming are at their peak when one man crosses the New Sea trying to save his daughter from the clutches of death. A tale about going beyond the limits of the human race and the survival of the species.

“We carry our dead inside”

A film that explores darkness (fear, anguish, solitude) and light (faith, hope, love); and digs into the limits of suffering and human pain. A piece that required talented interpretations due to the fact that the characters live under the extreme circumstances of starvation and desolation. Ariel, Mingo and Maia, three magnificent actors.

A story in which the “New Sea” dominates and has taken over the land, converting it into a World of utter violence and sheer necessity.

Lazarus Taxon is a sci-fi/horror short film directed by Denis Rovira that aims to surprise due to its auteur theory style (Haneke, Tarkovsky) and provoke the spectator to reflect upon the social and critically unsustainable situation. It is a story about survival and the limits of humankind.

We carry our loved ones within, when they leave the only way to keep them with us is on the inside. Lazarus Taxon, in paleontology, is the term used to describe a species that becomes extinct and later reappears…a biblical concept that furthermore gets entangled into a terrorizing story. Horror morphs with a story of true love, twisted and dark. The perfect union between Eros and Thanatos.

In Lazarus Taxon we find that in fact we aren’t born into this world and die alone. As far as the visual inspiration of film I must recognize two masters: the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky and the painter Zoran Music (Slovenia). “We aren´t the last ones”, is the title of one of his most famous works.

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