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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Are you a film addict?

I spotted this over on Basket Case. It is a list of the IMDB Top 250 movies. You click on which ones you have seen and gives you the percentage.

I got 75.6%. Many films on there I should have seen but have never got round to watching them.

You can have a go here. Make sure you let me know your score.

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Unknown said...

75%! Makes my 46% look even lower than I thought!

Hopefully I can drop hints before Christmas and get a few DVDs to watch!

Anonymous said...

You are 40.8% addicted.

not as addicted, but then again, alot of the films on there are from the 30's, 40's and 50's
they don't show those on TV here, or are available for rent on DVD.

there's 1 movie on there i am NEVER watching again, grave of the fireflies.

Live for films said...

Not seen that one. why won't you watch it again Daan?

Anonymous said...

It's probably one of the saddest movies ever made.
not really a film you watch with a couple friends to have a good time.

Anonymous said...

about 56% but must have seen bits of a lot more, need to get a dedicated film night.

Live for films said...

Thought you would have had a higher score than that Del.

I'll sort out a film night for after Christmas if you are up for it.

Anonymous said...

can have one at mine if i manage to actualy find all of my stuff by then

Anonymous said...


Live for films said...

Nice one Bob - cool poetry on your blog by the way

Paul said...

i managed a poor 44.8%. thats why you're the Daddy Phil, but you must get out a bit more