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Friday, 19 December 2008

Frank Miller to do Buck Rogers

The early word on The Spirit movie by Frank Miller is that it is pretty bad (review coming soon) and that Frank should stick to doing the comic books or sitting next to Robert Rodriguez when he directs.

However, Odd Lot Entertainment, the creator and production company behind The Spirit, are close to teaming again on the classic sci-fi property Buck Rogers. Seems like an odd thing to commit to when The Spirit hasn't even been released yet.

Hollywood Reporter have the news and they say, "Miller will write and direct his own big-screen take on the comic serial; while the creator has only begun to sketch ideas, it's expected to be a darker take, with many of Miller's signature visual elements and themes, such as corruption and redemption."

I personally hope that, if Miller does make the film, that he tries to edge away from the green screen style set up in Sin City and The Spirit.

Buck Rogers is a fictional character who first appeared in 1928 as Anthony Rogers, the hero of two novellas by Philip Francis Nowlan published in the magazine Amazing Stories. Rogers is best known from the long-running syndicated newspaper comic strip. He also appeared in a radio show, a movie serial starring Buster Crabbe (above). Most recently there was the television series starring Gil Gerard as Buck and the lovely Erin Gray as Wilma Deering (right).

What would you want to see in a Buch Rogers films? Dark and menacing or primary colours and annoying short robots?

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