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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Discuss: Batman 3 rumours - Who could play the bad guys?

Bearing in mind Christopher Nolan has not yet signed up for the third Batman film, no story has been decided, no script has been written, no casting has been made and no characters have been chosen, the old casting rumours keep on coming.

Remember all of this is basically the internet throwing up whatever it can think of, but it does get the old brain juices flowing.

Nolan has made a point of saying he wouldn't have any super powers in his Batman films so people have been saying things will stay realistic. However Nolan did set up the fact that things keep escalating once the Batman hit the scene so it could go a little madder now that the Joker and Two-Face have appeared in Gotham. The great thing about Batman's bad guys is that most of them have no powers they are just disfigured freaks.

The Riddler keeps getting mentioned and we have had Johnny Depp mentioned for that. Now I have heard that Eddie Murphy could play him, as Axel Foley said "Get the fuck out of here!" springs to mind with that rumour. If they do use The Riddler I hope they have him as a buttoned up obsessive kind of criminal who out thinks the Bat. Depp would be cool in the part, but Crispin Glover could bring a weirdness to the part. Guy Ritchie could be another interesting choice and his work with Nolan on Memento shows he can play the obsessive rather well.

Catwoman is another one that many people think will be in the next film. If she is I'd like to see her as the thief she is and not as the big bad. Maybe a cameo or just in the background. Although if they do use her she'll probably end up as the love interest in the film. Rumours as to who would play her have included Cher, Maggie Gyllenhall, Angelina Jolie and most recently Rachel Weisz. Basically, any actress people can think of but I would like to see Carla Gugino take the part of Selina Kyle.

The Penguin. In the comics he has recently been portrayed as an arms dealer, criminal kingpin and a go to kind of guy for illegal goods. All of these would be okay for the next film and again, he wouldn't necessarily have to be the main villian. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the main rumour for this one and I can't really think of anyone better for the part.

The Ventriloquist. Not one of the most well known of Batman's adversaries but a good one none the less. Like many of the villains in Gotham he has major mental problems. Basically it is an old bloke with a dummy called Scarface. The old bloke is totally unassuming and the dummy is the one running things and treated as if he is a real person. Anthony Hopkins would be great in the role and he has previous experience with ventriloquist dummies controlling people in the film Magic.

Ice Man. Now we are getting into the realms of the super power although his ice gun could be explained as advance technology. Maybe stolen from Wayne's company or he was working on it for Wayne when the accident happened. Only person I can see in this part is Patrick Stewart who would be amazing.

Robin. I think there would be a massive outpouring of rage if it was announced that Robin was to be in the next film which is a shame. If done right Robin is a great character and works really well. Unfortunately the memories of Robin in the old TV series reins supreme. Shia Labeouf is the one rumoured for this part but they are missing the point on the old rumour mill. Robin should only be a young teenager or slightly younger, who loses his parents and is taken under Bruce's wing and is eventually adopted by him as his son. Maybe the kid out of The Spiderwick Chronicles would be good in the role.

There are many other characters in the Batverse - Bane, Black Mask, Poison Ivy, Firefly, Clayface, Harley Quinn to name a few more so Christopher Nolan will be spoilt for choice when he eventually sits down to write the next film.

Everything above is just a rumour. Let me know who you would want to see in the next Batman film and who could play them.
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Anonymous said...

The Riddles and Two Face all the way, maybe the penguin, because he would look very nasty with the right special effects.
and they should NOT use catwoman, she is just plain boring.

Anonymous said...

hey, i think u wanted to say Guy Pearce was in Memento, not Guy Ritchie (he's the english director bloke).

I dont want to see the Riddler again..kind of sick of him. Carrey did an interesting version of him and thats enough. i would like to see someone that can propely destroy batman. physically or mentally... bane maybe in connection with a super brain like the penguin or Black Mask. in any case it should be a bold, yea almost colorfully intense character, i think thats why dark knight worked so well. if they went with the riddler, it could end up looking a lot like dark knight (in a boring, repetive kind of way).

pamela fruendt said...

the question with johnny depp is not whether nolan would want him in the movie, but rather would depp want the part. if they pick eddie murphy to play the riddler, well i'll just have to cross this film off my list and scream "what were they thinking?"

Live for films said...

Doh! Pat you were right. Pierce not Ritchie. Thanks for the assist!