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Monday, 15 December 2008

40 Inspirational Movie Speeches in 2 minutes

This is brilliant. Matthew Belinkie did the editing

Can you name all 40 films?
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Anonymous said...

I prefer barack obamas Speech!

Anonymous said...

I'm just thinking of all the disaster movies I've seen that have a Black President. Luckily Obama is the son of Jor-El

Anonymous said...

cool vid.
can u maybe remember the video u posted a while back. it was a similar "fan edit". i think it was some video from various movies synchronized to a song. or the other way round. anyway..the guy was a professional DJ/VJAY. i d really like to find his name again...he was japanese? thou his name's quite american i remember.

Live for films said...

Was it the Kill Bill one? Can't remember, should be under the "youtube" tag - I'll have a look and see if I can find it

Live for films said...

Just had a quick look and think it may be one of these

Monkey - Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn

Human Beat box with Jaw harp

Kill Bill remix by Eclectic

Top 100 Films

Hope it is one of them. I hadn't realised how many odd and cool things I had put on. Let me know if you have any luck Pat

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant, too bad he said: they can never take our...independence day..that wasnt as cool =P

lets see what movies i recognize

Street Fighter
Old School
The Matrix (part 2 or 3)
Kingdom Of Heaven
Pirates of the carribea: At world's end
Galaxy Quest????
The Untouchables
The Mighty Ducks
Pulp Fiction
Independence day (i think)
Free Willy
Cool Runnings
Superman (dont know wich one)
The Neverending Story
Shawshank Redemption
how the grinch stole christmas?
ferris bueller's day off
Lord of the rings: Return of the king

Live for films said...

Good list there Daan. Think there was also The Last Starfighter chucked in the mix

pamela fruendt said...

good list daan. add animal house; mr.smith goes to washington; apollo 13; network; dead poet's society; peter pan.

Live for films said...

That makes 32 films. 8 more to go!

pamela fruendt said...

my brain is exploding...wrote it all down and then didn't sign in...ok guys, i'm really digging deep for these.

knute rockne: all american
the great dictator
the outlaw josey wales
star trek: first contact
charlie brown's all stars
the muppet movie (1979 - there were several, but the clip looks familiar.)

Live for films said...

Nice one Pamela. I think that could be all of them. Team LFF saves the day :)

pamela fruendt said...

just watched this again and still love it. does this mean i live for film???