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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Riki-oh: The Story of Riki Trailer

Edgar Wright is hosting a special Halloween night at the New Beverly Cinema: A double bill of Shaun of the Dead and Wright’s personal Halloween choice film - Riki Oh: The Story of Riki.

Wright explained his reasoning for picking the movie, “What could be more amazing than a film that names it protagonist twice in the title? And what could be more Halloween-y than a ridiculously gory futuristic prison romp with a hero who can play the flute and punch through peoples heads? I swear that if you haven’t seen it before - it’s a crazy film and a great one to see with a crowd. If you need further prompting; please peruse the IMDB plot keywords for RIKI OH.

Plot keywords for :RIKI OH: THE STORY OF RICKY (1991): Hook For Hand, Stabbed In The Eye, Exploding Body, Seppuku, Suicide, Taser, Glass Eye, Decapitation, Wetting Pants, Crow, Crushed To Death, Razor Blade, Vengeance, Severed Leg, Blinding, X Ray, Shower Room, Transformation, Stabbing, Extreme Gore, Crushed Head, Severed Arm, Opium, Intestines, Hand Through Head, Broken Finger, Skinned Alive, Grindhouse, Profanity, Disembowelment, Gore, Martial Arts, Prison, Splatter, Exploding Head, Black Comedy, Controversial, Torture, Animal Abuse, Buried Alive, Christ Allegory, Dismemberment, Hiding On Ceiling, Nail Through Hand, Murder, Mutilation, Megalomaniac, Social Commentary.

If you were not sold by the time it got to ‘Hand Through Head’ on the list, then I do not know what to say.”

I'd not heard of the Riki Oh movie so thought I would share the trailer. Looks kind of crazy good. Anyone seen it?