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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Update on the Watchmen ending

Rich Johnston over at Lying in the Gutters has some news on the possible endings for the Watchmen movie. Spoilers ahead if you've not read the comic.

There have been repeated reports circulating the net regarding the ending of Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen" movie that the ending has been radically changed from the original. We’re not talking everyone wearing Rorschach’s mask or anything, but the perceived and bizarre extra-world threat of a pan dimensional Cthulhu god alien landing on New York killing millions is gone.

Or has it?

I understand that the ending people have been seeing is just one possible filmed ending. That the movie’s FX farm has already created big squid effects. And that there will be more than one ending of the film tested before general release. Expect to see all of them in the two/three disc DVD.

Sounds like good news for Watchmen fans. I'm looking forward to seeing all endings for the movie. What do you think of the news?