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Monday, 23 June 2008

The Random

JONAH HEX - Bunked, debunked and now rebunked? Film School Rejects has a comment direct from actor Thomas Jane about the photo that circulated last week and had director Mark Neveldine disavowing publicly. Jane wrote, "Yeah, the pic is real all right -- my pal Akiva Goldsman told me about the project and I fell in love with the idea right away. Being a huge fan of all things Hex -- I just couldn't help myself. I called up my buddy Chris Nelson and we spent a Saturday afternoon working up some make-up for this impromptu shoot and I fired a few pics off to Warners. How do people get a hold of this shit? It's a little embarrassing seeing my fanboy enthusiasm spilled all over the web, but great scripts don't come around too often, especially for characters I love." So -- to sum up -- yes, it's Thomas Jane and no, the studio nor the production aren't involved. Right, then.

SPIDER-MAN 4 - According to E! Online, producer Laura Ziskin told Nevada and California theater owners that "Spider-Man 4 won't hit theaters until at least 2011. She said there is no script yet and neither Maguire nor director Sam Raimi have signed on."

THE GREEN HORNET - What's that? An official teaser site? Cool ...

BILLY BATSON AND THE LEGEND OF SHAZAM - Director Peter Segal talked to FirstShowing.net about bringing the wizard and the hero to the silver screen. "We're still working on the script," Segal said. "An interesting little development, but it's an annoying one, is that after a strike there are residual effects and one was that everyone who was a writer suddenly had a back log of assignments as did John August, so we started to do our re-write process but he had to service some of these other prior commitments. So now we're kind of waiting in line to get him back but it's worked out okay because we've been working on the marketing of this and getting this going, so we've been doing enough to keep ourselves busy and as soon as this movie gets released then we're going to focus again on 'Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam.'"

KICK-ASS - Creator Mark Millar told CBR News a little about his next cinematic endeavour.

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE - Musician Will.I.Am spoke to MTV about his involvement in the Hugh Jackman-fueled spinoff. "I'm a teleporter. ... I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere. Boom, boom, boom!" he said. "My character's name is John Wraith. He's a black Texan. He's not a cowboy, but his gear suggests that he is. He's just a bad ass who'll whoop your ass."

THE SPIRIT - You've seen the posters of the lovely ladies in the Will Eisner adaptation ... but now they talk to you? Just run your cursor tenderly across the images on this new page at Yahoo! Movies and hear the actresses speak their lines.

INCREDIBLE HULK BOX OFFICE - The word from Comingsoon.net (domestic and international results) is that "Incredible Hulk" has pulled in $96.5 million, about $4 million behind the previous "Hulk" movie five years ago. Internationally, "The Incredible Hulk" finished a close second by grabbing $23.4 million at 4,700 theaters from 50 territories in its second weekend. "Hulk" has raised its totals to $63.3 million overseas and $159.8 million worldwide.