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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Casting Call - Captain America

The recent success of Marvel Studios (Iron Man, Incredible Hulk) means that more of their characters will be heading to the silver screen culminating in an Avengers movie. The next superheroes to be kicking ass are Thor and Captain America. In the comics Cap was recently assassinated and his long thought dead partner, Bucky aka The Winter Soldier, has taken over the shield. However, for the movie they are sticking with a World War II movie with the original Captain America, Steve Rogers.
Recent rumours have said Leonardo DeCaprio is in the lead for the role of Steve Rogers. In my opinion that would be horrible. He just doesn't have the look or, more importantly, the presence that Captain America needs.

So I open the comment boards to you dear readers. Who do you feel would make a worthy Captain America?


Anonymous said...

Daniel Craig!!! Isssst