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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Are these the worst examples of CGI ever?

This article on MSN has a list of what they feel are the worst bits of CGI to hit us so far.

It includes the first Hulk movie, The Mummy Returns, Pearl Harbour and The Polar Express.

I'd have to go along with a lot of their choices, particularly The Mummy Returns.

Do you agree with their picks? Have they missed anything out?

Cheers to Andy D for sending me the link.


Anonymous said...

WHAT THE ...? Golden Compass?! Some of the best CGI I have seen in a long time, but then again what do the "journalists" at MSN really know anyway? Their online content is edited (and copy-edited) by third-time grammar school flunk-outs.

Live for films said...

True. CGI was pretty good in the Golden Compass but the film as a whole was pretty naff. A pity as I really enjoyed the books. I felt that there were bits cut from the film and it just seemed to jump from one place to the next. Just didn't flow. Feel free to do a review of the film if you so wish and email it to me at live.for.film@hotmail.co.uk