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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Newcastle - Trailer

Set in the coastal town of Newcastle this is a coming-of-age tale of elusive dreams and the eternal wave. Combining sublime surfing beaches with the raw energy, music and rebellion of teen culture, Newcastle tells the story of Jesse who lives in the shadow of his older half brother Victor and his failure to become surfing's next big thing.

It's a week before the Junior Surf Pro final. Jesse is determined to snatch the title from his best mate, Andy. Victory would mean a one-way ticket out of Newcastle and a career beyond his pre-destined future - working on the dry dock with this father Reggie and Victor, now the local bad boy.

Jesse resolves to succeed where Victor failed to become a world-class champion surfer. Yet before Jesse gets his chance, he is disqualified for reckless surfing in the lead-up trials.

As a diversion, Jesse's surfing mates Andy, Scotty and Nathan plan a weekend of waves and hedonism with some local girls Debra and Leah. Much to Jesse's dismay, Fergus, Jesse's geeky, fraternal twin brother who has never set foot on a surfboard, gets to tag along.

After a night of first love, the posse hits the waves. Fergus manages to catch a wave after many attempts and is elated, but not for too long. When Victor and his gang arrive at the isolated beach and decide to claim the surf break, an unofficial contest ensues. A rogue wave closes out on the inexperienced Fergus. Victor, Andy and Jesse are overwhelmed by the force of the water. Boards fly. Fergus desperately reaches the surface, only to discover a tragedy unfolding.

A devastated Jesse struggles to find his own identity and a reason to surf.

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