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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Lightbulb - Trailer

The trailer for Lightbulb which will have a feature screening at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival. Lightbulb was the Closing Night Film at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the Opening Night Film at the Cleveland Film Festival. Also, the film recently won Best Picture and Best Director at the Phoenix Film Festival.

Matt, (Dallas Roberts) a small-time inventor living on the edge of the desert in Tucson, keeps coming up with clever but impractical product ideas. The TV Mug, a beer mug with a remote control handle, is the latest failed product. Sam, (Jeremy Renner) Matt’s long-time friend and business partner in International Gifts, is a self-described born salesman. If only he had something salable. Gina, (Ayelet Zurer) Matt’s wife, is a flight attendant dealing with the flying public’s bizarre behavior; passengers cutting their toenails onboard, fighting over armrest space. Gina is picking up extra trips to help sustain Matt’s struggling business.

Matt’s hopes are raised by his invention of the Lottery Watch, an animated wrist watch that picks six random numbers with the touch of a button. Six winning numbers. Everytime. Well, not quite. The Lottery Watch is a resounding dud. But Matt and Sam persist, determined to come up with a product that will save their business, friendship, and Matt’s marriage. But in order to save his marriage, Matt has to reinvent himself. His path to redemption is full of obstacles: a gambling habit, selfishness, and a something-for-nothing approach to life. Out of the blue, Matt gets the idea he’s been waiting on. The Big Idea sets in motion a series of money-raising schemes to finance the American dream product. Lightbulb features three young rising stars: Dallas Roberts (“I Walk The Line”, “3:10 To Yuma”), Jeremy Renner (“The Assassination of Jesse James”, “The Hurt Locker”), and Ayelet Zurer (“Munich”, “Angels And Demons”).

Lightbulb is directed by Jeff Balsmeyer whose first feature, “Danny Deckchair”, was the closing night film at the Toronto Film Festival and opened to rave reviews. The film is a true American story about three people who overcome hard times with hope and humor.

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