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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Kung Fu Joe - A hint of Beastie Boys Sabotage, a bit of kung fu, stir and there you have it

Kung Fu Joe, martial artist and private detective, encounters a group of bizarre characters harassing a local shopkeeper. Led by a monstrous Hunchback, these evil-doers are intent on strong arming the shop owner into selling their doughnuts. In a battle of strength and skill, Joe makes short work of the group who flee the scene.

Joe’s actions draw the attention of the Police Detective, an old nemesis, who is looking for clues about these odd characters and their nefarious purposes. A self-confident loner, Joe refuses to help. He is later visited in a dream by the Kung Fu Master, who warns him that danger is imminent and he must join forces with others to stop this evil threat.

The investigation into these peculiar men begins as Joe and the Detective hit the streets. They are led to a bakery that produces the doughnuts that are being pushed on the local populace. Joe and the Detective draw a confession from the baker that the hunchback forces him to include the unknown ingredient “Soylent Green” in the doughnuts.

Our hero receives another visit from the mysterious Femme Fatale, who is also interested in the source of Soylent Green. She wants to be kept in the loop on his investigation and pays him handsomely to keep her informed -- but Joe smells trouble.

Joe and the Detective find the source of Soylent Green at a factory outside of town, a factory thought to be abandoned long ago. Joe investigates alone, to the chagrin of the Detective, and discovers that a Mad Scientist is responsible for producing the mind control drug. Joe is captured by the henchmen and subdued by the Mad Scientist’s superhuman villain, French Man.

At the same time, the Detective succumbs to his need for doughnuts and, in the process, consumes Soylent Green. His weakness is exploited and he is brought under the control of the Mad Scientist. All seems lost for the forces of good when Kung Fu Joe is robbed for his Kung Fu strength when his head is shaved by the henchmen and he is dumped in the street.

A vision of the Kung Fu Master appears, urging a greatly weakened Joe to seek out the Pirate Master, Captain Morgan. Under his tutelage, Joe learns the secret ways of Pirate Style Kung Fu and readies himself to take on the Mad Scientist and his minions.

In an epic battle, Kung Fu Joe breaks into the Mad Scientist’s lair and frees the Detective from the effects of Soylent Green. The two fight side by side against the henchmen and defeat them. In a prolonged battle, Joe uses his newfound skills to best French Man, destroy his baguettes and bring the fight to the Mad Scientist. The Mad Scientist is captured, and Joe exposes the treacherous Femme Fatale, sending her over to the Detective.

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Source: Quiet Earth

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