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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Jackie Earle Haley could definitely maybe play Freddy Kreuger

Bloody Disgusting have confirmed today that Oscar nominated actor Jackie Earle Haley is indeed the frontrunner for the role of the villain Freddy Krueger. This casting scoop was first reported by Latino Review in February, but only recently re-confirmed by BD. They say we'll see an official announcement as early as next week.

BD is reporting that The Haunting In Connecticut star Kyle Gallner is in final talks to play Quentin, the lead character in the reboot and the very same character that Johnny Depp played in the original.
He was great as Rorschach and I do feel he will be a nasty piece of work as Freddy.

Do you think Haley is the best choice to play Freddy?

Source: First Showing

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CJ Holden said...

Well, I still haven't seen Watchmen (and definitely don't want to) but I see it as good news that Platinum Dunes tries to get a REAL actor as Freddy.
Although I gotta admit that the "who is playing him" is less important to me than the "what will he look like". Wes Craven's early concepts for Freddy where so over the top that they couldn't be realized back then, but since 1984 not just the practical Make Up came a long way, also the use of CGI on it became highly convincing. Just look at the kid in the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes" or of course Davy Jones and his crew in the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" sequels.
It's not that I wouldn't like the good ol' Pizzaface, but to me the most interesting aspects of a remake were always the things that were different to the original. It's not Freddy's skin that is iconic, it's his glove, so unlike with Michael Myers' Or Jason's mask, they could try to create something completely new.

Live for films said...

Totally agree with you CJ. Glad they have a cool, decent actor playing Freddy, but it is the look and feel of the character that is going to make or break it.

Do you have a link for the early concepts you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

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