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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dan Aykroyd talks about Ghostbusters 3 and signs bottles of his Crystal Skull vodka.

A while back there was an advert featuring Dan Aykroyd pushing vodka sold in some nifty Crystal Skull style bottles. Turns out they actually exist and here is some footage of Dan the Man signing some bottles over at the Morris Plains Bottle King. Thanks to Pam for sending me the footage.

As for news on the new Ghostbusters film, Dan recently told MTV this little gem:
“There will be a whole new generation that has to be trained, and that whole new generation will be led by an individual who you’ll all love when you meet him but I’m not going to tell you anything yet,” teased Aykroyd. “They’ll be lots of cadets, boys and girls, who’ll be learning how to use the psychotron, the accelerators and all the new stuff, the neuron splitter, which is going to be the interplaner, interceptor and all these great tools that they’re going to have, to flip from dimension to dimension.”
That sounds pretty cool. Lots of Ghostbusters and some cross dimensional adventuring by the look of it. Wonder if Buckaroo Banzai will show up?

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