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Friday, 6 March 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - The Weapon XI mystery cleared up

Previously on Live for Films: The X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer was released and we saw a bit more of Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. There was also a bald mutant guy with a claw on each hand, eye beams and no mouth. In my previous post I said this was Weapon XI played by Scott Adkins so it wouldn't be Deadpool. I thought he had all the mutant powers grafted onto him. I was half right.

Topless Robot, via their new inside source, have cleared this up and this is what their source told them about Weapon XI and some other mutants we may see (Spoilers Ahead).
• Ryan Reynolds shows up for 10 minutes in the beginning of the film. He's part of Stryker's team, and his mutant ability is mostly being a badass with swords, cutting bullets and the like. He is called Wade Wilson during this period.
• Stryker's big plan (or one of 'em) is to make Weapon XI, a mutant with a shit-ton of mutant powers.
• Stryker uses Wilson's body as the mutant power receptacle, and because of the scarring (I'm not sure whether that's from a previous fight, or as a result of all the mutant powers getting packed into him), Weapon XI is played by Scott Adkins. Weapon XI appears for about ten minutes near the film's end, and has the claws seen above (a la Wolverine), Cyclops' optic blast, Wraith's teleportation ability, and Wolverine's healing factor, too. Also, his mouth is indeed sewn shut.
• Just like Weapon X is given the name "Wolverine," Weapon XI is given the name "Deadpool."

Apparently, there's a cameo by a certain Professor at the end of the movie. When Stryker's compound is falling apart and Wolverine is leading young Emma Frost and Cyclops out of the building, Cyclops suddenly knows the way out. When they get to the door, standing there -- oh yes, standing -- is Charles Xavier, controlling wee Cyclops' mind like he'll be doing several billion more times in the future. He's apparently not played by Patrick Stewart, by the way. Weird.

Also: Despite what the trailer would have you believe, most of the other mutants are only cameos as well. Gambit only has about 10 minutes of screentime, for instance. Just like the Marvel Universe, it's Wolverine's show.
I think it sucks that Ryan Reynolds doesn't get to be the wisecracking Merc with a Mouth we know and love. However, it could be a good setup for a Deadpool film. I am glad that it will be Wolverine's film and not loads of people fighting for time on screen.

Deadpool fans what do you think of the news?

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Gee Five said...

stewart actually is in the movie.

Live for films said...

That's cool if he is Gee Five. Where did you hear that he definitely was?