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Monday, 23 March 2009

Where the Wild Things Are - New Photos

USA Today had the photos and a bit of a chat with director Spike Jonze.
"As a kid, I just connected to it. I wanted to hear it over and over," he says of the 1963 tale of Max, an angry boy who escapes to a mythical land of untamed giant beasts. "It's like trying to explain why you love somebody. To me, the Wild Things are both cuddly and dangerous. I wanted to climb atop of them like Max."

"I wanted them to actually be there," he says of the seven towering creatures that Max encounters. "I think as a kid I wouldn't imagine it as a cartoon. I would imagine they were in my world. There's a danger with Max being there on a real location. Dangerous and exciting." Jonze won't reveal much, but script additions include details about Max's home life that shed light on why he felt the need to run off to a magical place.

Actress Catherine Keener, who has appeared in all of Jonze's films, plays Max's mother — a character only briefly referred to in the book. The actress says Jonze is the perfect man to set the Wild Things free on screen.

"Spike has such an incredible imagination, and this is very much a work of imagination," she says, "And there is so much room to apply your own."

The voice actors — such as James Galdofini, who speaks for the Wild Thing called Carol in the film, and Catherine O'Hara, who is the Wild Thing known as Judith — were recorded in Los Angeles before the production moved to Australia. Though nameless in the book, Jonze decided who was who based on their personalities.

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