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Monday, 23 March 2009

Tyrannosaurus Rex - Rob Zombie spills the beans

Been a while since I heard anything about this. IGN had the chance to speak to director Rob Zombie (Halloween, H2) about his potential next project, which is an action/thriller called "Tyrannosaurus Rex."

"That was the movie I was planning on doing, but sometimes things don't always pan out in the order you wish they would,"
Zombie explained. "But if things work out, that'll be the movie that I want to do next."

The film will be a departure from the genre the writer/director is most associated with -- horror.

"That's not a horror movie or anything," he says. "It's really another movie sort of about damaged, f*cked up people. It's about this guy that is an up-and-coming prizefighter who has this self-defeating quality to his personality. He one night goes out and gets himself into trouble and goes to prison for 14 years. When he comes out he's just a washed up bum and he tries to put his life back together and gets into this really violent underground fighting to survive. It's something totally different. It's not like a horror movie."

Zombie added that horror isn't necessarily as important to him as his fans might think it is. "They're not even my favorite types of movies. I mean, I love horror movies but not the way people think. I don't really care for slasher movies or any of that stuff. It was never anything I liked; even as a kid I didn't care for it. I'm such a product of the '70s, you know, I'd rather watch Billy Jack than Friday the 13th any day."

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