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Monday, 23 March 2009

News on The Party remake

Jonathan Kesselman has signed on to direct the remake of Blake Edwards' The Party that Marco Garibaldi is producing under his Godfather Entertainment banner.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garibaldi said last summer that he was jumping back into the Hollywood game by producing an update of the movie after several earlier attempts at MGM and DreamWorks. The project is a $20 million independently financed film that will aim for cameos by a number of high-profile Hollywood personalities.

Kesselman also is producing and will direct Abe Gilman's Ending for his Worldwide Media Conspiracy banner.

In Edwards' The Party, Peter Sellers starred as Hrundi V. Bakshi, an Indian extra who inadvertently is invited to a swank Hollywood party. Garibaldi, who has brought on Brandon Gibson and Jim Russo to help him write the script, will tweak the conceit, focusing on a blond Midwesterner whose appearance is changed by studio execs eager he fit a part.

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