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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Game - Italian Trailer for Gerard Butler sci-fi gaming film

In Game Gerard Butler (300) plays Kable, a death row inmate who has become the champion of an online game called ‘Slayers’. The story takes place in a future where mind-control technology has become the norm and the game ‘Slayers’ provides humans the ability to control other humans on a mass scale. To those that run the game ‘Slayers’, Kable is nothing more than a human bot - a simulation. But to those who resist oppression, he is the key to overthrowing a high-tech system of societal slavery.

Currently the official release date for Game is 4th September 2009. However, this has been changed a few times before

Written and directed by Mark Neveldine.
Studio: Lionsgate
Cast: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Alison Lohman, Milo Ventimiglia

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