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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Black Lightning (Chornaya Molniya) - Timur's flying car film

Russian director Timur Bekmambetov, as well as making Night Watch, Day Watch and Wanted has also made a film about a magic car! It's due out in December 2009 and the teaser trailer is below. Very much a teaser, but it does look cool.

The film is directed by Alexander Voytinskiy and Dmitry Kiselev. I assume Timur is producing.

This is being touted as the "Russian response for Transformers and Batman" by Timur himself who is co-producing behind his own company, Bazelevs with Universal Pictures. In the 8 million dollar range, the film seems to be an ode to the every day heros, those that live for others and not themselves. The car is a Volga which has a rich history and connotations in Russian culture, kind of like a Russian Mercedes. It was considered a luxury car for middle to high management and political figures, but it's not the most luxurious car for top leaders.

Black Lightning is the story of a Russian college student who buys a second hand car which turns out to have magical powers, yes it can fly, and it turns him into the superhero who has to protect the city.

Source: Quiet Earth

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