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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Random - Catch up edition - Astro Boy, Captain Marvel, Piranha 3D, Iron Man 2, The Hobbit, Sex and the City, Galactica, Observe and Report,

John Cleese is developing a stage musical of his classic 80's comedy A Fish Called Wanda with his daughter Camilla. They're hoping to have it finished in the next two to three years and debut it in San Diego with the hope of the production continuing on to Broadway and the West End..." (full details)

Fans spent hundreds and thousands on everything from water bottles to model ships used on the set of Battlestar Galactica at an online auction over the weekend... (full details)

"My idea is to have someone like Britney Spears move to New York as my cousin or niece and Carrie would show her the ropes" says Sarah Jessica Parker of her plans for a 'Sex and the City' sequel... (full details)

Unlike the original, Ian McKellen says that the upcoming AMC mini-series remake of 'The Prisoner' will answer all your burning questions by the time it comes to an end... (full details)

"I would love to. I would be available. I would do anything for Peter and I would do anything for Guillermo. Of course there is the writing challenge" says Dominic Monaghan about starring in The Hobbit... (full details)

UPDATED: "Last I heard, Brett was leaning away from Conan. This can obviously change at any time, since I don’t think anything is official either way. I’m a little constrained from talking about Conan for reasons I hope I never have to write about" says "Conan" screenwriter Dirk Blackman (not producer Avi Lerner as I previously posted)...(full details)

Andy Serkis says that shooting on the first Tintin film directed by Steven Spielberg is scheduled to begin next week... (full details)

The upcoming CG animated Astro Boy film was almost a victim of the recession... (full details)

Access Hollywood have the first post-screening exclusive interview with the last of the 'Final Five' Cylons from Battlestar Galactica who was revealed on Friday night. Don't click unless you're aware of who it turned out to be..." (full details)

Sam Rockwell confirms talk that he's playing the character of Justin Hammer in the upcoming Iron Man sequel... (full details)

Alexandre Aja is adamant he will begin shooting the remake of Joe Dante's Piranha 3D this year after a slight delay from last Fall. He also indicates the fish themselves will look different visually - "Like Gremlins not all of the piranha will be the same"... (full details)

Despite reports of its death, producer Michael Uslan says the Shazam movie is still alive and kicking "I will only say one thing — and all I will do is quote Samuel Clemens to you. This is direct from Captain Marvel himself: 'The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated'"... (full details)

Also, despite reports of its death, producer Lynn Hendee says the Ender's Game movie is still alive and kicking and insists the "project is not dead". She told The LA Times the other week that "[Card] was not interested in a ‘tough-hero action film’ and refuses to condescend to green-screen Hollywood. Card imagines a ‘film where the human relationships are absolutely essential — an honest presentation of the story.’"..." (full details)

Twentieth Century Fox is holding an online casting call to find a bright, precocious and appealing young actor, age 10-13, for the lead role of Greg Heffley in the film version of the New York Times bestseller Diary of a Wimpky Kid. Candidates are invited to visit IAmtheWimpyKid.com to learn more about the project – and to upload their audition videos... (full details)

Sony Pictures has picked up the North American rights to Blood and Bone. The film follows former convict Michael Jai White as man who gets into the world of underground fighting. His one goal is to fulfill the promise of a friend who died... (full details)

Summit Entertainment has picked up rights to Gayle Forman's young adult novel If I Stay. The story follows a young musician and her rocker boyfriend who get caught up in a tragic car wreck..." (full details)

Seth Rogen comedy Observe and Report will have its world premiere at the SXSW festival on March 16th, nearly a full month before its general release on April 10th. Rogen plays an egocentric mall cop who tries to impress a perfume girl (Anna Faris) by catching a mall flasher before the whacked out local police detective (Ray Liotta)...(full details)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Phil...In your little Conan blurb you are actually quoting screenwriter Dirk Blackman, not Avi Lerner.

Live for films said...

Doh! Cheers for the update Anon