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Monday, 12 January 2009

Avatar - Photo of James Cameron's sci-fi epic that actually shows a bit of the set

So far we have only seen a couple of photo's (this one and this one)for James Cameron's Avatar. Both of them have shown the film maker and actors looking at things and not really giving us a look at what the film will be like.

However, the New York Times has a set photo that appears to show a bit more of the film.

As you can see it has James Cameron standing in some kind of control room (maybe on a spaceship) in front of a gurney with the imprint of a human on it - this may be where the human character (Sam Worthington) has his mind put in the body of one of the aliens, but who knows. Also shows the green screen at the back which could show anything when all the FX is completed.

What do you make of it?

If you haven't already check out the concept art for the aliens known as Na'vi. There is also this interview with James Cameron where he talks about the film and finally the teaser trailer.

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