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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Could Katee Sackhoff be playing Typhoid Mary in a new Daredevil film?

It is possible that Fox may be setting up to reboot the Daredevil franchise, with none other than Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) set to play Typhoid Mary, an enemy and former lover of Daredevil.

Los Angeles-based Golden Apple Comics is reporting that Sackhoff recently came in and grabbed every comic should could find featuring Typhoid Mary.
So we got a little visit in our comic shop last week by Katee Sackhoff, also known as Starbuck for her role on BSG. She proceeded to grab all the Typhoid Mary comics we had and has hopes to get a part for a marvel movie...
I mentioned back in August last year that Jason Statham, with the backing of Frank Miller, wanted to play Daredevil. I could see the Stath as Daredevil (his past as a high diver would help), but not his alter-ego Matt Murdock.

However, Typhoid Mary also cropped up quite a bit in the Deadpool comics. Now we all know that Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool has been given the go ahead for a film so maybe Mary will crop up in there.
I personally feel that Kate as Mary is actually a very good fit. Her time as the messed up character in the short lived Bionic Woman show shows she can act a bit mental and she was always great in Galactica.
Typhoid Mary is an enemy and former lover of Daredevil with low level psionic powers, including telekinesis. She has been employed by organized crime syndicates as an assassin in the past. She is also truly and gravely mentally ill.

Her condition was revealed to have been accidentally caused by a pre-Daredevil Matt Murdock. He had tracked a villain down to the brothel where Mary worked. He attacked the man, but to his surprise, the girls working there came at him. Panicking, he lashed out, knocking Mary out the window. It was at this moment Mary became Typhoid Mary, vowing no man would ever hurt her again. In later appearances, however, she would imply that she was a victim of child abuse.

Suffering from dissociative identity disorder, Mary Walker has two other abnormal personalities in addition to her seemingly healthy one. Her "Mary" personality is a timid, quiet, pacifist; her "Typhoid" personality is adventurous, lustful, and violent; and her "Bloody Mary" persona is brutal, sadistic, and hates all men. Mary once claimed that there was a fourth personality, who is 'lost,' but it has not since been mentioned. Aside from highly developed martial arts skills, Walker also possesses telekinetic powers and, more dangerously, pyrokinesis, the ability to set people or objects in her immediate vicinity aflame. -Wikipedia
Of course this is all very much a rumour.

So Deadpool or Daredevil? Which film do you think Mary may be starring in? If it is a Daredevil reboot who would you like to see throw the billy-club? Do you think Sackhoff would make a good Typhoid Mary?

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.



Robo-DJ said...

She would be great as Typhoid Mary. Will probs be in the Deadpool film.

If it is Deadpool I think the guy who played Cyclops would be good for Matt Murdock