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Friday, 29 May 2009

Clifton Collins Jr may be in Thor

It looks as if J J Abrams Star Trek may have another link to Kenneth Branagh's Thor film after Chris Hemsworth was cast as Thor.

Clifton Collins Jr., who as the Romulan miner Ayel helped to kill Hemsworth’s character, George Kirk, appears to now be vying for a part alongside Hemsworth in the upcoming Marvel Studios film according to MTV.

“Studying my ass off for ‘Thor,’ gonna be a late night, well worth the loss of sleep!” Collins wrote Wednesday on Twitter. “Brewing big pot of joe, hitting ‘Thor’ hard this mornin!”

He also said that he would be heading into an audition for the part later that day, but didn’t specify which part he would be trying out for.

The question is what character would he be auditioning for? Possibily Fandral or Hogun from The Warriors Three. My feeling is that it will be for the part of Hogun based on the recent casting call announcement.
Official Casting Call for Hogun

[HOGUN]Male. ASIAN / SOUTH EAST ASIAN / MONGOLIAN / EAST INDIAN. Late 20s to mid 30s. Grim, stoic, fearless. A man of few words who lives for battle...SUPPORTING.
Clifton Collins Jr is one of those actors who always does top quality work. He was great in The Last Castle. Do you think Collins Jr would work as Hogun (he's the one on the right in the picture below)? If not Hogun who else could be play? Do you think Beta Ray Bill will be in the film?
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