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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tim Burtons to start shooting Dark Shadows soon

While talking about his new Alice in Wonderland film Tim Burton got onto the subject of his adaption of the vampire infested soap opera, Dark Shadows.

“That’s something that [Depp and I] both love and are excited about,” the director told MTV News. “When I’m done with this (Alice) I’ll definitely focus on that.”

Shadows” will be based on the ‘60s soap opera of the same name, an ABC daytime TV show that incorporated elements of gothic romance, science fiction and supernatural phenomena like ghosts, zombies and vampires. Depp will reportedly play vampire Barnabas Collins.

“It’s another challenge because it was such a weird soap opera,” Burton explained. “Part of the energy of it was the tone and weirdness of it. That’s our challenge, to try to capture that vibe.”
That vibe was part campy melodrama, part dead serious—and decidedly odd—storytelling. Which direction does Burton plan on going?

“It’s always a fine line,”
he said. “That remains to be seen. That’s a question and a challenge we talk about a lot. I haven’t arrived at the answer. That’s definitely a main issue, the tone and the vibe of it because as we all know melodrama can cross over. It’s one of the more interesting things about it.”

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