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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Has Stephen King's Gunslinger been cast in The Dark Tower?

Stephen King. He's written some very good stories and a few of them have been turned into very good films - The Shining, The Shawshank Redemtion, The Mist.

He has written many books and his largest tale to date is that of The Dark Tower. It has had it's own series of books following Roland the Gunslinger hunting down the Man in Black (A poster of Roland appears briefly at the start of The Mist).

It has also had it's own spin off comic book series showing the origin of Roland and the Dark Tower and the man in black have cropped up in most of King's other books.

Recent news has it that J J Abrams (Lost, Alias, MI3, Star Trek) has got a film adaption in development and it now looks as if things are moving forward with the Gunslinger possibly being cast.

Filmstalker have the news that Michael Sheen (Frost / Nixon, The Damned United, Underworld) has mentioned on Twitter that multi-franchise man, Christian Bale, could be strapping on the gun belt.

At the moment take this as a very much unconfirmed rumour as Abrams is busy with Lost and the inevitable Star Trek sequel and Bale is down for at least one more Batman film and probably a few Terminator films.

However, I do feel he would be quite a good Roland in the film, which would lead into a multi picture deal no doubt.

Would Bale make a good Gunslinger? Who else could fit the part? What actor would you like to see as the man in black?

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Robo-DJ said...

Bale would work. A young Clint Eastwood would be better though. How about Mal Reynolds from Firefly?

Maybe Tommy Lee Jones or Gary Busey as the man in black.

another zen said...

lets not forget the classic Running Man ^^

Cant wait for the Dark Tower tho.
Bale is getting cast in everything nowadays, might want to cut back some.

Maybe Viggo Mortensen, i liked the char he portrayed in Appaloosa,
or maybe Guy Pearce, loved him in Ravenous :D