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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ronald Moore talks about The Thing

SCI FI Wire have a brief interview with Ronald D Moore (Battlestar Galactica) about how work is going on his script for the prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing.

Where are things at with The Thing?

Moore: I was working on The Thing. I finished. I did my last draft a few weeks ago and turned it in. They [Universal Pictures] seem happy. They have a director [Matthijs Van Heijningen] assigned, and we'll wait to see when and if they green-light it.

What was your goal with this new version?

Moore: Well, the idea was to make a companion piece to Carpenter's. I started on the project with the feeling that Carpenter's version is just an amazing piece of work. It's a great film, and we really wanted to honor that version.

And so you've gone the prequel route?

Moore: We wanted a piece that would link up to [the Carpenter film] and not supplant it. So we didn't try to sort of completely reinvent what it was. We wanted a movie that would sort of live alongside it.

Going from that it doesn't actually tell us much more than we already knew. However, it is good to know that a script has been written and, more importantly, it isn't going to mess up the or play with the story from John Carpenter's film.

Sounds as if Moore has a lot of respect for the original (or remake of the original The Thing from Another Planet). I'm wary and excited about the whole thing as I do love John Carpenter's The Thing.

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Daan said...

Of course, leave it in the hands of a dutch man and everything will be OK =P

Live for films said...

LOL! You're the director they mention aren't you! :)

Daan said...

Well...Lets put it down as a 'maybe' :P

lol, i'd probably crack under the pressure of making a sequel (or prequel) to The Thing, if i'd ruin it fans will hate me for the rest of my life:P