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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

McG tells us things about Terminator Salvation - Spoilers ahead.

McG was at WonderCon talking about Terminator Salvation. Sci Fi Wire have a whole host of spoilers that McG spilled. My favourite part is not really a spoiler. Just very good news:
"No, there's no chuckle," McG said in a group interview at WonderCon in San Francisco over the weekend. "There's very few chuckles in this movie. 'Talk to the hand,' Elton John glasses, that [has] no place in this movie. You know, [star Christian] Bale would have lit the set on fire. So, you know, we can't, we don't have that."
He then goes on to discuss the title and gives us some news about Sam Worthington's character which is not really that much of a secret. However, spoilers ahead just incase.
"We start this picture with Marcus [Sam Worthington] committing a rather substantial infraction. In fact, he's ultimately put to death, which is how he ends up with some metal rods in his body. And he learns that people—he doesn't believe that—but he learns from hanging out with these people that everybody deserves a second chance. Look around this table—where would any of us be without a second chance? You know what I mean? And he's slow to understand that, but that's effectively the expression of salvation, and that's why we elected that to be the title of the picture. ..."
Interesting stuff and confirmation of what many of us already knew.

He was then asked about what John Connor means when he said "This is not the future my mother told me about."
"The future being malleable, no fate but what we make? Well, the point being she told him everything she could tell him about the future, and we've only been given the clues that the T-800s will indeed be there in 2029, and what's going on with this movie, that speaks to "This is not the future my mother told me about," guys, I don't know what to tell you, ... is the coming of the T-800 ahead of schedule. It'd be like all of us sneaking into Hitler's Nazi Germany and saying, "There's a bunch of V-2 rockets with nuclear tips, we better haul ass back to Allied Command and tell them this is a serious game-changer. If these things go online, we've got a major, major problem." So that's the future that my mother never told me about. The fact that, you know, here comes the T-800 10 years prior to 2029, and we don't have our act together to a high enough degree to fight them with any effectiveness."
It will be interesting to see why the future has changed. Was it Arnie's travels in previous films? Marcus arriving on the scene? A scripwriter smoking too much pot?

McG then goes on to discuss Kyle Reece's character as played by Anton Yelchin.
"..this is a story about Michael Biehn's character Kyle Reese as played by Anton: seeing that people make sacrifices so that others may live. He witnesses that act at the end of the movie, and it's a precursor to "Hey, 10 years from now there's going to be a moment when they sit around and go, 'We need someone to go back and save Sarah Connor, and by the way, if you go back, you can never return to this world. Say goodbye to the ones you love, say goodbye to [everything]. Once you go back, that's it. It's curtains.'" And he, of course, you know, indeed dies as well. And as a function of what he saw first-hand in this film, he has the courage at that moment to say, "I'll go. I'll go." And this is why he became that guy. Which I like very much. ..."
What intrigues me the most about this last bit is when McG says, " he indeed dies as well." Is that a slip of the tongue or confirmation that the age old rumour that John Connor dies in this and has his skin placed on the Marcus robots endoskeleton? I'm just reading too much into that aren't I.

There you go. Still quite a bit over on Sci Fi Wire for you to have read. What do you make of McG's words? Any ideas as to what is going to happen in the film? Go crazy with any ideas you may have.
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Mattson Tomlin said...

Interesting that McG is so okay with pretty much giving away everything in a movie that could be one of the more anticipated of the year. Maybe it would be smarter if he were to just close his mouth, but there seems to be a lot of explaining going on...

Live for films said...

He does say an awful lot about the film doesn't he. I'm hoping that there are still lots of secrets to tell.

Anonymous said...

The "He dies as well" refers to Kyle Reese, who does die in T1.

Live for films said...

I knew Kyle dies in T1. It is the "..as well" bit that I'm trying to figure out. He dies as well as who?