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Thursday, 5 February 2009

UPDATED: Public Enemies - Behind the scenes photos by Michelle Martin

UPDATE: I have now added a review of the film to the site. Check it out.

I posted what is more than likely for Michael Mann's Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Pamela was the person who sent me the poster. Now she has done it again. She's gone and discovered over 400 photos from behind the scenes taken by Michelle Martin. I'll let Pamela describe it.
I have hit the motherlode! www.michellemartinphotography.com . There's 2 files for Public Enemies...one is open for the world to see...the other is password protected. Great photo's...lots of set shots, production design, etc... the best I've seen.

Just an aside....Depp's contract reportedly was for 69 days...longer than that...he got more money. There's also some talk of an ad last week on Chicago's Craig's list for pe extras for reshooting.

Obviously I've only posted a few of the photos here, but they are all excellent by Michelle. Head on over and take a look. Could almost be an exclusive....maybe!
Many thanks to Pamela once again for the heads up. Very much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool

Michelle said...

Hi there! Thanks for the kind comments about my photos and for linking them! All the shots posted were taken in Columbus, WI between March and May 2008. There are also some shots from Oshkosh, WI.

I am curious how Pamela found me!


Live for films said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks for taking the great photos. Excellent work.

As to how Pamela found you I have no idea.

Live for films said...

First Showing have picked up on the story.

mombot said...

The photos are wonderful! Not only do I love seeing the photos of JD, but of the sets and the extras and other actors, too. The film is going to look amazing.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!

Those rumors about a call for extras turned out to be for another film, not PE at all. Apparently the casting agency is still using their PE-named email address but for other films.

Live for films said...

JoBlo are now linking to the photos. Wonder if Aintitcool will pick it up?

Mr. Shhh said...

Are there any pic of Stephen Graham as Baby-face Nelson? I hope he has a good part, he's a very interesting actor.

Jake_barlowe said...

Funny how all the photos are of just Johnny Depp yet the tags are "Christian Bale, Michaek Mann etc etc". That's women for you.

Michelle said...

Bale didn't film in Columbus, only Madison... so I didn't get any shots of him. Michael Mann is in one of the photos listed above, as well as some others in my set online.

Live for films said...

Other sites that have linked to this article are Obsessed with Film Movie Infos Bad Taste.it plus a whole heap of forums. Head on over to them and check them out. Thanks to everyone for the link. Appreciate it.

Michelle said...

Wow, thanks for the links! I am not "forum" savvy so I had no idea my link was making the rounds until someone pointed it out to me. Ha.

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