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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Slammin' Salmon - Trailer for Broken Lizard's latest

The red band trailer for Broken Lizard's The Slammin' Salmon courtesy of Collider. "Slammin" Cleon Salmon (Michael Clarke Duncan), the former Heavyweight Champion of the World, is a tough, crazy bull of a man and the celebrity owner of a high end Miami, seafood restaurant, The Slammin' Salmon. He generally rules by fear, but on this night he raises his leadership style to a new level. On this particular night, the Champ reveals that he owes money to the Japanese Yakuza and needs to pay up asap. So he institutes a contest to "inspire" his wait staff to sell more food than they ever have: The night's top selling waiter gets $10,000, the lowest selling waiter gets his head punched in by the Champ. And the game is on...

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