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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Back once again like a renegade master

Back from Bulgaria and just in time for the inaugaration of Barack Obama. Big day indeed.

Bulgaria was fantastic. Sofia is full of great, friendly people, lots of snow, lovely beer, tasty food and just a brilliant time.

Cheers to Rob for putting us up in his penthouse apartment and showing us around. You make a damn fine cup of coffee. News just in Rob...It's on!

I'll try and get more things posted later and be back to normal over the next few days.

I've got a few interviews lined up for the next few weeks.

So what did I miss while I was away?

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pamela fruendt said...

1. saw a trailer after the settlement that says watchmen is set to open in the us 3/6/09.
2. the climatic scene in "the wrestler" was filmed in this great old theatre in the town where i live. i'd forgotten all about it until the local paper ran an article over the weekend. well, my multi-tasking brain immediately kicked into high gear...i remembered it was shot last march and friends wanted me to go to explain the film stuff. they thought it would be fun because the film sequences were to be shot between actual wrestling matches. they had this idea it was going to be really quick because of the other matches. now, we all know there's nothing quick about location shooting with 1,000 extras. i stayed home warm in my bed. seems they were there for 2 nights screaming their brains out with darren aronofksy, mickey rourke and marisa tomei. and no, they didn't get paid. the paid extra's arrived with the other actors and crew. the bright side? the magestic baker theatre is now immortalized on film. the down side? i just know they're going to want to see this film several times to relive their hollywood glory days...
3. have you seen the forest gump/benjamin button video on you tube?
4. good to have you back.

Live for films said...

Hey Pamela, thanks very much for the updates (No 4 is very nice).

Great news about the Watchmen release.

The Wrestler thing is pretty cool. Any chance you could send some photos over of the Baker Theatre for me to put on the site?

I shall have a look at the Button Gump Mash Up and get it posted hence forthwith.