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Friday, 27 February 2009

Zombies of the Night - Low Budget UK horror film

This looks very nice especially considering it is a low budget film. Below is the synopsis and a few trailers for it.
Tom, a carefree guy, living in his parents caravan in Devon, fights for his survival! 'In just the last few hours, there have been serious reports concerning the recent epidemic of foot and mouth. Disturbing eye witness accounts have explained how the disease is now possibly airborne, and could have mutated in to a deadly human virus.
British Phoenix Films and Burn Hand Film Productions got together to produce it.

It is directed by Stuart Brennan and stars Joe Bone. They describe it as, "It's not a scientific, discover a cure movie - it's a how the hell am I going to survive this adventure. The idea for the film was very simple. If I literally woke up to discover my parents had become zombies - what the hell would I do? Would I believe it? Would I survive it? Who would believe me?"

Source: Quiet Earth & Dread Central

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Anonymous said...

Love low budget British horror, but not sure if I can cope with another zombie movie! Even Big Brother's done one!