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Monday, 20 July 2009

Dr Who - Look who will be starring with the new Doctor

Well we had the first look at Matt Smith as the Doctor earlier today and now here is a glimpse at a guest star from the new series. Yep it is River Song (Alex Kingston), the mysterious archeologist who has apparently met the Doctor many times in her past — and his future.

We saw her in the Shadows in the library episodes where you find out her and the Doctor were in love. In those episodes she had all the knowledge of it and David Tennant's Doctor was playing catch-up. I wonder if this will be the first time River meets the Doctor?
With Stephen Moffat at the helm it should be a nice twisty turny path we follow. Also notice how the TARDIS has a slightly different look to it. The next thing we are waiting to see is a look at the new interior. I really hope they explore the infinite inside of the TARDIS as some point.
What are your thoughts on River starring in the new series?

Source: io9

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