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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sasha Grey talks about The Girlfriend Experience

Envelope columnist Scott Feinberg interviewed Girlfriend Experience star Sasha Grey at the Edie and Lew Wasserman Cinematheque.

It is a good interview and as Jeffrey Wells says over on Hollywood Elsewhere, 21 year old "Grey comes off as shrewd, mature, intelligent and -- sorry -- faintly tragic. Because she works in an icky industry filled with untalented and under-educated people, and because no porn star has ever walked away from it intact."

The Girlfriend Experience is Steven Soderbergh's latest film and has been getting some excellent reviews.

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Anonymous said...

awkward interviewer.

also, i really dislike how she seems to be cheerfully praised in all reviews and interviews, as a personality herself. i mean yeah she might have had a rough, very different kind of life because of her "job", but all this crap about challenging stereotypes in alult movies etc. fuck off. you did a job like thousand of other girls. a very mundane, pathetic one for which she probably got paid way too much money for the "hard work" she did.

Angelo said...

Anonymous is a "hater" - the girl does porn. We get that. We know what it involves. But she has every right to make up her mind to do things she feels challenges stereotypes. So what if she's gotten "favorable reviews?" Would we be more accepting of her or happy for her if she had horrible reviews? In a sea of thousands of porn stars Sodebergh chose HER. I think that says a lot. As far as the interview itself, Grey seems more comfortable than the interviewer, who can barely look her in the eyes. We don't have to agree with her lifestyle to admit that she seems smart and confident.

KTTEA said...

It's hard enough taking the people will elect seriously - nevermind some emo-chick that takes it up the shitter for a living...hiring her was a gimmick and thats where it ends...it will be interesting to see whether she can carve out a niche for herself in the 'mainstream' like Traci Lords has been trying to do for the last godknowshowlong...with cunts like Paris Hilton showing off their cooters every chance they get and landing film roles & fame doing it Sasha could very well be on her way as the first honesttogod Pornstar Celebrity - and fuck it, sex sells!