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Friday, 15 May 2009

Ghostbusters - Lost in time and a lady with a proton pack

Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression is from the same duo at IDW who worked on Galaxy Quest comic, Scott Lobdell and Ilias Kyriazis.

In this new four issue series the fellas find themselves at the mercy of pan-dimensional warlord known as Kozar'rai. The fiend banished each Buster to a different time, as he felt that killing them off would just allow them to reunite "on the other side".
io9 have the the first three pages of the first issue along with the each four part cover. According to writer Scott Lobdell, "Peter Venkman is trapped in the Old West, while Dr. Ray Stantz appears to be a member of the Round Table in good standing. Egon Spengler seems to have settled into a future where Flash Gordon might have wound up in, and Winston Zeddmore looks like he's trapped in an Escape From New York type of reality."

There is also an appearance of a female Ghostbuster (see below), who looks a little Tank Girlish.

It all looks very good and nice to see the Ghostbusters back in action. Can't wait for the this, the video game and the third film.

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