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Friday, 24 July 2009

TRON LEGACY - Production Art - Looks amazing

Here is the first look at the title design for the TRON sequel. Below is some of the production art that was shown at Comic Con. We've got lightcycles, lightcars and lots more. Simply stunning.

I am assuming that the concept art was done by Daniel Simon as he was rumoured to be doing it back in February - check out that post for some more amazing artwork.

The trailer from last year has now been released in HD so have a look at the new light cycles in action. Stunning.

Second Generation Light Cycle: Designed in 1989 by Kevin Flynn and “rumor has it its still the fastest thing on the grid” It looks like an inbetween model in the evolution of light cycles, incorporating some of the look of the first film and the realness and slickness of the new design.
The Light Cycle: a much more evolved version of the light cycle which many saw in the trailer from last year’s con.
Light Runner, which is like a light cycle, but can hold 2 passengers. It is said to be very fast, and has the unique ability to go off the grid on its own power.

Source: AICN

/film also had a description of a scene shown at Comic Con and it sounds pretty good. It is outside the computer world:
The scene involved Kevin’s son being told in voiceover that someone received a page from his father’s old office, which has been abandoned for over 20 years. Flynn’s son shows up on a motor cycle. Flynn’s arcade has been long abandoned. He opens the door to reveal a room full of arcade machines, all covered with sheets. He inspects the old shut down arcade, and it is clear no one has been here in ages. He switches on the power and all the arcades turn on, as does a jukebox, which is playing retro 1980’s music. He goes up stairs to Flynn’s old office, which also looks untouched, everything covered. The next shot was kinda magical. He walks down an isle of games which ends with the Tron arcade game. He uncovers it and we see the retro 80’s graphics. He sticks in a quarter but the machine rejects it. He pulls out the machine to take a look at the back, and discovers a secret door. He opens the door and enters the darkness. Cut to black.
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